Phase I, November 2011
The tower is hidden for months behind a scaffold. Berlin trade shops and their apprentices are starting with reconstructive work: Below the pavement new power and glass-fiber lines are embedded. Above the street surface, all power and light supply lines are brought-up to code, same with the lightning protection, the searchlight, and the video surveillance. The original concrete is patched up, the windows and the roof are worked over, and a new (handmade from old patterns) steel door is fitted.

Phase II, September 2013
A safety rail on the roof hatch is fitted

Phase III, May 2014
A (disabled) Kalashnikov AK-47 is added for authenticity

Phase IV, October 2014
Removal of graffiti, the inside of the tower gets a new coat of paint and is further completed to its original appearance; authentic GDR-electrical fittings and wall plugs are reinstalled.